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We offer reduced investment when using 3D design with BIM systems

Building Information Modeling or Building Information Model (BIM) is a design method that is in demand all over the world for the construction of various structures. Karno Energy was one of the first to use BIM for the design of grain storage facilities. What is Building Information Modeling? This is an approach to design that provides for the collection and integrated processing in the design process of all architectural, design, technological, economic, and other information about the building with all its interconnections and dependencies. That is, the equipment, further operation and repair of the building, and facility lifecycle management are taken into account. In other words, in this information model, the building and everything related to it are considered as a single object.

Benefits of BIM in Construction

Do you know the situation when the customer does not understand the designer and vice versa? Sometimes these disputes between the two parties at the initial stage significantly delay the start of all work. The main advantage that the introduction of BIM technology in construction gives is the ability to achieve almost complete compliance of the characteristics of the future facility with the customer’s requirements.

In addition, BIM allows:

• Eliminate unadjusted onsite solutions.

• Eliminate errors and overlap of related departments.

• Simplify the visual representation of the object.

At the same time, it is possible to provide the contractor / customer and any construction participant with any plan / section of the project at each design stage for spatial representation. Thus, it becomes possible to build a construction schedule with visualization – the investor understands what is happening on the site, and even underground – he can see how many piles are driven, what communications have been laid, and so on.

Benefits of BIM in Operation

• Customers who have already used BIM note its operational benefits.

• Among them: The ability to create an extensive information database in one model.

• Constant updating of the database in one model instead of documentation for each section, department.

• Convenience of further expansion and renovation.

• Online monitoring of an object using a BIM model. Increase productivity with easy information retrieval.


BIM also contains most of the data needed to analyze overall construction performance. Property searches in BIM can be used to save a significant amount of time and effort. In addition, automating this process reduces errors and inconsistencies in the modeling process and during building construction. A 3D model of a building or other construction object linked to an information database, in which an unlimited number of additional attributes can be assigned to each element of the model. The peculiarity of Karno Energy’s bim services approach lies in the fact that the building object is actually designed as a whole. And a change in any one of its parameters entails an automatic change in other related parameters and objects, up to drawings, visualizations, specifications and a calendar schedule.

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